An open letter to Formula 1 on ignoring fans on social media

Poco puedo añadir a un artículo que quiero compartir con vosotros:
“Para la F1, los fans no somos la prioridad”

Es lo que se empieza a sentir.
Es lo que se empieza a notar.
Es lo que deben cambiar, o desaparecerán.

I am a fan of F1. I have been since the age of two when I rode a plastic tractor around my grandparents’ garden shouting “Nigel Mansell” at the top of my voice. I remember the glory of Damon Hill lifting the world championship as Murray Walker fell silent from a lump in his throat, I remember the confusion and pain as it dawned on TV viewers that Ayrton Senna’s spark of genius was extinguished at Imola, and I still feel the heart palpitations from the moment that Lewis Hamilton edged past Timo Glock’s tractionless Toyota at Junção to deny Felipe Massa.

The sport has taught me endless knowledge of new countries, technologies and life lessons. And yet recently all F1 has taught me is that I don’t matter. And I am not alone.

An unsocial approach

To put it bluntly, F1 is actively rejecting its fans on social media…

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